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31 December, 2007


Rather than look back, I'm looking forward to the excitement of 2008.

Of course, as I said in my interview in City Arts magazine, I'm excited about today's First Night celebration, and might meander about the downtown festivities this evening.

Next year will kick off with a bang as a share some new adventures in frequently seen but seldom explored venues.

I'm looking forward to the spring so I can get out and about in the parks system.

Oh, and the people. I have some interviews lined up for January of the artistic, the gritty and the witty.

Anyway, be proud of your community. It's growing. I'll explore, you enjoy.

Until Next Time,

27 December, 2007

First Night

Honestly, it's a bit confusing. On December 31, the downtown of Tacoma will come alive with an event that is known as "First Night".

But it happens on the last night of the year. I guess it rolls into next year at the end, either way I'm excited to have my button (only $7, available at fine places like King's Books and LeRoy Jewelers, Glenna's Clothing, the Museum of Glass, Sanford & Son and the Broadway Center).

The events are extensive, and I don't have time to list all of them but you can see a list by venue here.

Many of the downtown museums will be open as well, the list is here.

Oh, dear I have no idea what I'm getting into by being a part of this celebration next week, but I do know it will be a fun and exciting time, as things are when communities get together.

I'm looking forward to this next year, and the exciting places to explore.

Until Next Time,

26 December, 2007

A call from the city (one-day internship)

It's not every day I get a call from people on the blog ... but shortly after this morning's post, I received a call from the city's spokesperson ... he was down one office person today due to a birthday, and asked that I come down a fill in for a bit.

I was a bit surprised, and inquired as to why I would be as fortunate to fill in for a few hours. It seems like Tacoma Booster and business communication person Roxanne Murphy took the time off today to celebrate her birthday! I wish her the best, and to my judgment, she's probably about 25 or 26, and a gentle, sweet person. Both Mr. McNair-Huff and Ms Murphy are avid fans of these pages, so he felt this would be a natural fit.

I rarely ask my forest friends for help here in the city, but I was needed and hitched a ride over with one of the deer I met previously in the Puget Creek Restoration area.

I waited for Mr. McNair-Huff. While he was finishing up his phone call, I read the City of Tacoma Vision statement.
The City of Tacoma will be recognized as a livable and progressive international city, regarded for the richness of its multi-cultural population and its natural setting.
What a wonderful ideal. I have found this to be a vibrant city with an emerging identity and the diversity between areas is amazing.

I was given my own temporary spot on the work board. I signed in and was ready to examine my temporary workspace.

As you can see this, I think Mr. McNair-Huff called it a 'cubicle', sports Tacoma pride. The "You'll Like Tacoma" poster, from what I understand, is popular. So much so that the slogan has its own song. Our friends at GritCity had some things to say about the poster earlier this year.

I positioned myself in perhaps the most comfortable chair I have had the pleasure of sitting in since I left Norway. From this perch I can see the hustle and bustle of St. Helen's street. All sorts of creative and interesting people go in and out of the businesses across the way. The juxtaposition of which, I am told, is rather interesting.

I was ready for any emergency that might emerge in the world of City and business relations. I waited in anticipation for the next news release to write or Seattle business to contact so I could woo them here with my enthusiasm and love of this city.

After five minutes, I continued exploring this 'cubicle'.

I became enthralled with all the posters, from I Love Tacoma stickers, skiing slope maps, to this handy Pierce Transit main route map for the city. Certainly resources that Ms Murphy needs in the day to day operations of her position.

I believe that Mr. McNair-Huff heard me roaming through the cubicle, as after just an hour or so he came by.

Apparently, this being the day after Christmas and all, there was really not much work to be done. So he bid me farewell, after donning my head with a fine TAGRO hat.

My hopes were dashed, but I found a new appreciation of Ms Murphy's position within the city. I hope her birthday went well.

When I returned to my living space, there was another e-mail for another internship, which I will go to tomorrow and be sure to post about it early next week.

Until Next Time,

PS Readers might recall that a local columnist named Natasha Gorbachev recently posted a column regarding yours truly. Responses came from Exit133 and GritCity. If you see Miss Gorbachev please remind her that there is a pizza dinner on the line, should she be told who I am. I also ask that she abide by the requests both bloglications made in relation to my official travel logger's identity. It be fair to invite me along, as I am just a simple garden Gnome.

Suite 133 Party Photos

I had a marvelous time with Ms Rhodes at the Suite 133 office party.

Here I am with Rob McNair-Huff. He's in the community relations office for the city. Quite a nice chap, with a good sense of humor. I understand that he is also interested in birds ... and exercise.

This lass is Jamie Chase. She's a dynamo at Jay Ray. And she is involved in many, many projects around town, including the new Tacoma Art Place.

This is Cheryl from Sanford and Son. A very nice lady, and I'd certainly enjoy getting a tour of their place in the future. If the feel and sound of their MySpace page is anything, I think I would be quite cozy in their store of antiques.

The room was packed with local celebrities and shoppe owners. Here is Marty Campbell, proprietor of not only Buzzard's Records, (of which I visited here), but also Stadium Video.

Finally, this cute little human offered me a smooch on the nose. I hope she had a merry Christmas. I hope each of you did as well.

Until Next Time,

20 December, 2007

Last minute shopping

While wandering through the Proctor District on Wednesday, I noticed that the Pacific Northwest Shop had just opened its doors for the day. So I stepped inside to see if I could find a wee gift for Hanne.

Little did I know they will be celebrating 30 years of business next year!

Just wow. I have never seen such a wide variety of local products. Each item is either made or produced here in the Northwest, and that includes a small of our neighbors to the North, British Columbia.

Mugs emblazoned with images from the Birdge of Glass, and beautiful glass bowls and other knick knacks. All made in this region.

Of course, there is a bountiful feast of sweet treats, smoked salmon and other assorted NW products.

It took me nearly an hour to choose what I should purchase for my friends and family. But to start with, I settled upon a coffee mug, small bag of Brown & Haley's Almond Roca and a calendar.

I got the calendar for Hanne, I hope she enjoys it. I remember one time we were invited to a friends house to go over some plans. We wrote each other a note, and made sure that things were settled nicely. Somehow, though, we ended up attending two weeks late! It was certainly embarrassing, and we scheduled again for a future time.

I hope this might help prevent the problem in the future. Though, I have to admit, it is now quite funny.

If you have shopping to do, I highly recommend this cornerstone of the Proctor District.

Their address is: 2702 N Proctor Street

Oh, and of note, be sure to pick up this month's South Sound Magazine! Page 18 has a little blurb on this Norwegian visitor. Thank you Ms Lisa!

Finally, there are still T-shirts available.

Until Next Time,

18 December, 2007

Your beer packs a punch

A few nights ago, I had the pleasure of meeting a large group of bloggers at Suite 133.

My 'date', Ms Whitney Rhodes, was a gracious hostess and friend ... she introduced me to countless people. I hope I helped to increase her standing in the community. She's a hard, dedicated worker for Exit133 and other organizations in town.

Ms Zesty at Zesty Enterprise did the honours of instructing me on the American tradition of "chugging". Quite an interesting concept. Though 10 of your ounces is quite a punch for this Gnome of the Norwegian North, and though I can handle Glogg at that level ... after two of those 'chugging' I was dancing with the elves on the head of a needle.

So, I remember me giving directions to Ms Rhodes. Being a woodland creature, I forgot that I have been living in a suitcase and a house the past few months, I directed her to the Puget Creek Gulch area (a place that my heart is fond of for how it reminds me of home).

There I have been for the past few days. Apparently hops and wheat or whatever else was in that beverage certainly put me in a daze. The deer out there appreciate the restoration that has been going on, but are worried that the area might be encroached upon by new building technologies. Oh, and they apologies to eating the rose buds of their human neighbors, but the buds are quite tasty!

I emerged at some sort of training ground for children. It was late, but a gentleman there took some photos for me to share. Once he sends them to me, I'll be sure to post them for your enjoyment.

Until Next Time,

14 December, 2007

Big night!

Well tonight, I am going to Suite 133's open house/holiday party.

My good friend, Ms Rhodes has agreed to take me around the party and introduce me to the people that show up.

Hopefully, I'll be able to get some great pictures! I'll share them with you next week.

Until Next Time,

10 December, 2007

David the Gnome

I found something amazing on Youtube today, and thought I would share it with Tacoma.

When David decided to do this series with his wife, Lisa, in 1985, many of us gnomes laughed at them, but when it first aired in 1987, the cartoon seemed to do okay.

We were quite concerned for our safety with such a blatant showing of our world, but the producers worked hard to use sets and mask locations.

Parts are certainly embellished, David and his "magic" was mainly special effects. The sets were designed to be accurate, so it will give you an idea of my home.

None of us were surprised when his first appearance was in the bathtub. He was rather the exhibitionist.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy this brief primer on the Gnome world.

Oh, and please stop by and get a warm "Where Would the TacomaGnome Go" sweatshirt or a nice mug for someone you care about this holiday season!

Until Next Time,

07 December, 2007

Friday surprise

Dear Tacoma,

As my gift to you this holiday season, I have been working hard.

I have been working to highlight this delightful city, it's businesses and its people.

In between all of this, I decided that some of you might enjoy a token of pride for this project.

I am not a salesman, but just a simple farmer turned traveler and observer. If you click here, you will find my first attempt at a heart-filled shirt for you to don with pride. Soon, I will work with a few local merchants to offer different designs, hopefully this first attempt will tide you through the holidays.

Hopefully we'll meet soon.

Until Next Time,

05 December, 2007

A little bit more about the conference

I just need to share a bit more about the conference ...

Here I am with some of the notable bloggers in the South Sound, it is a privledge to be sitting next to them. From left to right, Derek Young, whom I interviewed here, then there is Patrick, who came down from West Seattle to speak of their blog. He was very clear that he does not blog, but is the face of the blog. Next is the ever popular tacomamama. And finally Elle.

Oh, and yours truly.

The next panel was How Parent Bloggers are Transforming Community. Moderated by Alicia Lawver, this panel discussed how parents are building virtual communities through their blogs. This was a great one to listen to, it was especially nice to see Elle and spend some time with her. Another perspective came from Beast Mom, who blogs at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, I don't have reason to travel north, but should the opportunity present itself, I certainly wouldn't mind meeting the crew behind the City Arts magazine.

After the parent panel, there was a presentation by Kevin Freitas, but I needed to leave for a moment to find the gnome's water closet. Dear goodness, there is some work to be done on the facilities. When I built my home, I figured that much time would be spent in the WC, so I built an ornate toilet so I could appreciate my time that I spend in there. I'll attempt to get a photo from Hanne to share one of these days.

The last section I was on civic blogging. I've mentioned Patrick already, then there is Justin Carder from the Capitol Hill Blog. As well as Derek Young.

It was a great opportunity to put faces to blogs, and discuss where things are going in, what one person called "the blogosphere", which is funny because it implies an actual location.

Oh, and today I received a comment from a distant cousin in Ireland. I'll be sure to respond here in the next day or so. If you'd like to be one of the tags, post a comment. Any comment you'd like (remember my family reads this, too, and I have two young children (both 50 years old)). I'll choose the 8 best commentators and put them in the tag for the post.

Until Next Time,

04 December, 2007

In the conference

I was happy to get inside the auditorium and find my seat. I was extremely worried that I would be unable to see the panelists, and have to wait for the video to come out before I could enjoy the conversation completely.

This worry was quickly overcome when I found the reserved section for speakers was in the front row.

Oh! By the way, Mr. Freitas has put the videos of this all here, should you want to see what went on. Yours truly is mentioned in the "A Basic Introductory Tour Through Notable Blogs" video.

Andrew Fry opened this 8th annual conference and introduced my new friend, Congressman Adam Smith.

The first panel consisted of Kathy Gill of the University of Washington, Matt Rosenberg of the Cascadia Prospectus, and Mr. David Zeeck, Executive Editor of the Tacoma News Tribune. I was excited to see Mr. Zeeck in person, as my first photo away from the garden included a News Tribune. Oh, over my right shoulder is Mr. Mark Briggs, also of the TNT. He is moderating a session on how Blogging has transformed the news.

I'd have to say that blogging has certainly made it easier for me to inform my relatives in Norway of any new news in seconds, rather than waiting the months that it used to take using the post.

After the press section, Mr. Fry gave a presentation highlighting some blogs of note.

This is how I felt as he presented TacomaGnome:

Though I shouldn't let my ego get too large, as I am just a simple woodland Gnome who has the fortunate position of being part of your community for a short while.

Thank you.

Until Next Time,

03 December, 2007

South Sound Technology Conference

I was excited when the professor called me a few weeks back to invite me to attend the South Sound Technology Conference.

Being one of very few blogging gnomes on the internet, I felt it would be great to meet other bloggers from the area. Especially because I stick in Tacoma for my travels.

Then, I heard that elle was going to be a panelist, and that sealed the deal.

Registration began at 8:30. Seeing as I'm still many miles south of the latitude line of my residence in Norway, that hour was bright and chipper for me, I've been thankful for the extra light this winter season.

Wherever I go, people seem to smile, it helps that they rarely see a gnome in Tacoma. Though during your holiday season right now, I keep on getting inquiries about working for a Santa Claus. My cousins in Norway would laugh, as much of the work done by "Santa" is done by them.

I registered, and the nice ladies put my name tag on my hat for me. I made an exception to the hat rule so that people would have an easier time seeing who I am.

I knew there would be some important people there, but I did not expect to be noticed, nor have the opportunity to take a picture with them.

Hanne, this is a picture of me and Congressman Adam Smith. He's in the House of Representatives, a part of the US legislative branch. I was pleased to meet and talk with him. He's not only a friendly guy with a great sense of humor, but he really has a great understanding on the issues of his district and the country.

Until Next Time,

PS Thank you for your wonderful support!

30 November, 2007

There are Many Tacoma Gnomes

Exit133 is correct.

There are many Gnomes in Tacoma.

We could be your elected officials, the owner of a business ... we could be the friend next to you at the Garlic City Market, or that guy outside of Rent-A-Center.

I could not have said it any better than our friendly editors at exit133.

Until Next Time,

Weekly Volcano

Imagine my surprise, and the excitement, when I heard that a local weekly newspaper was going to do a column on your humble traveler.

Then, before I could see the writing, I began to receive comments ... and e-mail ... and I was sadly at the South Sound Technology conference yesterday morning, so I couldn't read the column, and I began to get worried.

Accusations have been flying while I have been working in various offices our touring the city. People who have spoken with me have been confronted with questions that they, quite frankly, cannot answer.

I leave it to you, dear readers, to examine the column in question here.

Until Next Time,

PS I'll have photos from the conference up early next week.

29 November, 2007

Sneak peek: Tacoma visitor guide

Today Carly put me on visitor's guide duty.

I helped to paginate and create the flow of the glossy magazine-style guidebook.

There are great photos and highlights of places to go and events to attend in 2008 ... including the Tall Ships festival.

I asked if she might include a bit about me, in jest of course, but her response was non-committal ... so I'll have to wait and see if she calls the photographer from this internship to get any photos.

And that wrapped up the visit! Well, except that Anne Marie gave me some rock candy. Oh it was delicious!, it made my tongue and lips blue, but I can manage that.

Only now do I realize that the candy is shaped like the pillars on the pedestrian bridge that goes across Interstate 705.

I hope one of the ancient giants of Europe doesn't come to visit Tacoma and mistake one of those for candy.

Until Next Time,

28 November, 2007

Still time to order Sweet Hope Chocolate

Elle has smashed her goal for Sweet Hope Chocolate. But there is still time to contribute to this wonderful cause.

Treat your loved one to delectable treats, and help a family looking to adopt.

Until Next Time,

Day one: Travel and Convention Bureau

I found their administrative office on the 5th floor of 1119 Pacific Avenue.

The building's lobby was old styled and had pictures of it being constructed.

My first task, as the new intern for the Tacoma Regional Convention and Visitor's Bureau, as to help choose posters for the office I encountered yesterday. There are so many activities going on this winter, I knew very little of them. But, Anne Marie was helpful in choosing the correct one to promote down there.

I then was asked to stand by was Carly took a call. Wouldn't you know, it was from Norway, so I got busy putting together a packet of Tacoma information for my countryman (or woman) who called.

It was tough choosing, so I selected a few brochures (the Museum of Glass, Point Defiance Zoo and aquarium), a card from the office and the most recent visitor and convention bureau magazine.

The office was very friendly. Unlike Premier, there was no office gnome, but I enjoyed chatting about Tacoma and hearing about their office.

Until Next Time,

27 November, 2007

Where I should have started

Traveling along Pacific Avenue over the weekend, I found a storefront at the Marriott Hotel that said 'information'.

This seems to be THE place for people to understand about all things Tacoma.

The office is just over 100 square feet, but it is packed, I mean PACKED with information about Tacoma, Pierce County, and the neighbors to the North.

I had a great conversation with the gentleman there. He's been in town for decades ... even remembers the Skookum Indian outside of C.H. Manley's Cigar shop on Pacific Avenue.

My tale of being in Tacoma for awhile intrigued him, and he called his boss at the visitor bureau to inquire if there was any sort of help they needed.

Carly Stedman was delighted to hear I was around (she's been following my adventures) and offered me a short internship to help her out.

I gladly accepted, and headed the five blocks towards downtown to lend a hand.

Until Next Time,

21 November, 2007

Feeding Tacoma

TG: Mr. Freitas, thank you for opening up your space for an interview today. I notice you're tall, how did that happen?

KF: My mother told me I could be anything I want so I decided not to be short.

TG: Amazing. You're a great Tacoma booster. What brought you to Tacoma?

KF: College at first. I went to PLU then got hooked once my wife and I rented in the North Slope area. We bought a house a couple years later and now both live and work at the same places here in Tacoma.

TG: There it is again, PLU. I should hop out there to check it out. You're the proprietor of FeedTacoma. What is the purpose behind FeedTacoma?

KF: FeedTacoma brings together all the great passionate Tacoma blog voices in one place. I built it first because I'm lazy and didn't want to browse a bunch of different sites and second because I wanted to create a powerful local resource that relies on no single person. With over 30 blog contributors it's easy for a constant stream of content to flow to the readers without any individual having to do all the work themself.

TG: So, it has nothing to do with food.

KF: Well, many of us are keen to review places we eat. We had our first FeedTacoma Feed event on Nov. 14 at Puget Sound Pizza.

TG: I'm sorry I missed that. I hear their breakfast sandwiches are amazing! But, FeedTacoma, there's no food at ... all? So what is the "Feed" about?

KF: The "Feed" in FeedTacoma initially stood for the RSS feed technology that works to pull content together for the blogs. It moreso points to the desire to feed Tacoman's info about everything from blogs and events to discussions, local photos and video, and even political satire via the Tacomic.

TG: Wonderful! I've also seen you at the opening of the new Narrows Bridge. You were working on getting lights or something?

KF: Yup. I'm part of the group trying to light the bridges using solar power and super effecient LED lighting.

TG: The bridge is quite the engineering feat, we once built a bridge across a creek in my home community. Lights were incredibly important. My neighbor trained 75 fireflies to sit on the suspension strings to light it up. It was amazing, and brought in gnomes from all over Norway to see the sight.
KF: That's great. Did you have any troll -- I mean tolls to help pay for the bridge?

TG: We built the bridge together, as a community. So once a year we gather to do any repairs and have a feast to celebrate our bridge. What else can we expect in the future from Kevin Freitas?

KF: Since I'm a web developer by day I'll keep adding all sorts of great features to FeedTacoma and continue to snap photos of everything I see. I also hope to get back into playing my trumpet and/or sining here in town. My wife and I were both musicians through college and want to exercise that love.

TG: Music is certainly something beautiful to share.
KF: After some more practice it will be. I got kinda' rusty not playing for a few years. Fortunately, working my embouchure out with my wife is never a problem. ;)

TG: Any last words?

KF: Thanks for contributing to FeedTacoma yourself! Many best wishes as you get to know our great City. Maybe sometime we can catch a game of foosball at Meconi's.

TG: Sounds like a great idea! Keep up the great work, and we'll see each other in our travels, I'm sure.

Visiting Mr. Freitas

I enjoyed the rain and bamboo for an hour, and I realized I needed to keep to my appointment with Mr. Kevin Freitas.

After making sure the coast was clear, I approached the front stoop of the address Mr. Freitas had sent me.

Interestingly enough I met a nice lad on his porch. An unusual creature, it appeared to have straw for limbs and brains, but he was quite nice. When I inquired as to what his name was, he would only say that he was there to scare crows. Quite a strange response, but he said he was hired out to keep the birds away.

With our gnome hats, vibrantly bright red for our surroundings, the birds will typically keep away from the territory.

Mr. Freitas greeted me with a warm smile and a hand wave. I said farewell to the scare crow. and entered his home.

It is a beautifully remodeled and well kept home.

I spent a moment getting acquainted with Lu, the cat of Mr. Freitas. We had a brief conversation, as cats can be a bit self-centered. He enjoys living in the neighborhood, and appreciates being associated with the Freitas clan.

I asked Lu about Kevin's web projects. Lou couldn't keep track of the number of projects or sites that Mr. Freitas has his name attached to, so Lu suggested I sit down with Kevin and talk.

Of course, Mr. Freitas was busy, and we had to wait awhile before we could chat.

Until Next Time,

PS Time is ticking on the Delicious Sweet Hope chocolate ...

20 November, 2007

In the bamboo

It's hard to wait.

In the rain.

Amongst the bamboo.

Glazed with anticipation.

Of what Feeds Tacoma.

19 November, 2007

Excellent Chocolate ... Great Cause

The family who helped me get to Tacoma is doing a wonderful thing right now.

Elle is making some delicious chocolates and caramels, and selling them in time for the holidays.

I encourage you to take a moment to check out her Sweet Hope chocolates. Fifty percent of each purchase goes to pre-adoptive families to help relieve some of the financial stress that comes with adopting.

I had the chance to taste these delectable delights when she made them in May this year, a few short months before my trip.

Please, take a look, and order!

Until Next Time,

14 November, 2007

MySpaces --

With apologies for my sparse posting these past few days, I would like to present a new webpage that I have.

Some of you might be familiar with the MySpace.

I am relatively new at it, but have been collecting friends like a squirrel hiding its nuts before the winter.

If you would like to be a friend of mine or want me to be a friend of yours, please feel free to do so here:

My MySpace page.

Until Next Time,

08 November, 2007

It FINALLY arrived!

Hume and I have been on pins and needles today.

I have had more 'coffee' than I can imagine, just trying to stay awake ... but it looks like our product is finally here.

Hume brought me the first copy, and it is AMAZING!

The writing is clear, photos are amazing. This office is an amazing hub of talent!

Here is the cover:

It probably won't be distributed very far or wide, as Gnomes are quite the niche market.

But I will treasure this piece of work that Hume and I worked so diligently to perfect.

Well, today is my last day here at Premier Media Group. Thank you to Lisa, Josh and the wonderful staff. Hume, thank you for sticking together with me to get our publication produced.

I encourage everyone to check out South Sound Magazine!

Until Next Time,

07 November, 2007

Overnight work at Premier Media

Throughout the afternoon Hume and I discussed how we could possibly remedy the Gnome trap problem.

We knew that it would be hard to get rid of the trap completely, let alone the employee who left it around.

We decided that there is probably some misunderstanding as to our ability in the publication industry. Hume figured we should overcome that.

So, as the office started to clear out towards the end of the day, I took my position inside the conference room.

Obviously keeping perfectly still is a talent that I possess. To my advantage, once I took my place, no one came into the room.

Hume was at his usual place in Lisa's office.

We stayed still for about 45 minutes, as from time to time people tend to come back after leaving as they forget things.

I took the time to get into Mr. Dunn's office. We didn't break anything to get there, so we figure that we are in the clear.

I was able to pour a cup of 'coffee', my it's tasty, bitter and strong. Perfect for my 200 year old palate. We don't have coffee as a species. We mainly drink tea.

After awhile, I picked up a good sense of layout and design (Gnomes are fast learners). I then took a moment to review their website for the South Sound Magazine.

Hume and I were ready to begin on a special edition of South Sound Magazine.

We set to work, sketching, designing and laying out pages.

We hung up the proofs to review, and to be sure that the order was correct.

By 5:00 this morning, we were ready to ship off our special edition to the printer.

We expect to have a published copy by this evening, or late, late tonight.

I'm excited to share it with the staff at the office ... just to say, "see, this is what we can accomplish as two gnomes!"

Until Next Time,

06 November, 2007

Lunch break threats

When I returned from lunch Hume showed this to me ...

It appears to be a North American Gnome trap. Obviously, it is too small for me, but perfect for Hume.

What bothers me more is that it says it is for computer gnomes. Hume uses a computer!

This is certainly not fair.

The desk where he found this (thank goodness he can read enough to avoid the trap) has been vacant these past few days, apparently this co-worker has issues with Hume.

Hume and I will remedy this problem ... it may cost me my internship, but I believe it is the right thing to do ... for the safety of Hume and all North American Gnomes.

Please understand that PMG is a fine place to work, and I will, as a part of this plan, let the President of our company know what is afoot. This one co-worker just needs to be found out.

Until Next Time,

City Work Day 1

Today I begin my internship with Premier Media Group.

Upon entering the office this morning, Lisa Patterson directed me to the front desk. My task was very simple ... Answer the phone and direct visitors to where they need to go.

It is common hospitality. As a Gnome, I'm designed to be courteous, kind, cheerful and obedient.

So it was a piece of kransekake. And like (one of) my favorite holiday dishes it was enjoyable ... well, most of it.

I had a slight problem seeing people coming through the door. Oh, I could hear them down the hall, down the stairs opening the door. But to see them, it was horrible! I asked Lisa if there was another task I could perform.

She graciously obliged and suggested that I create "photo copies".

I grabbed my camera to follow her. She laughed. "No, we use a photo copier for that."

I was quite confused because she wasn't carrying any photos with her.

We arrived at the photo copier apparatus. I figured, by the way it works that only pixies could generate so many photo-copies in such a small space. It certainly wasn't an elf or anything, as they would be quite cramped. Plus, pixies are much more prone to understand the art of copying and the work of words.

I felt really sad for them when Lisa said to photo-copy 100 pages.

But they worked really hard and succeeded in only a few minutes!

Once that was done, Lisa sent me to help organize a desk and assigned me some other work.

I utilized the zebra files. These were helpful in getting things to their proper place. I noticed the gentleman who sits next to my desk secured his education from a place known as Pacific Lutheran University. I took a break from filing to check out the university online. Wow. It seems to be a place where I could learn a bit about Norway. I'll have to visit there, too.

Oh, my, where was I ... Yes. Sorting. After sorting and arranging the desk, I was asked to learn a bit about pmg and what is called 'layout' of a magazine.

I did my research. Then, before I knew ... it was time to go!

It is fun to be interning here!

Until Next Time,