Live updates

30 April, 2008

Finding Mouser

As I explored Gardensphere, hiding from Mouser, I found this sign.

Obviously, given my slightly poor English reading skills, this sign states that Mouse isn't too far away from me, and that he is friendly as a cat goes. It also says that Mouser has something to tell me.

I searched around the area, and only saw more and more plants.

Then, I encountered Mouser.

A small-ish cat, at a bit skittish, a very nice interaction. Mouser said that there had been rumours of my travels. Travis and Gabe, the owners of Gardensphere, had found a few gnomes roaming around, and are offering up their services for garden protection around the city of Tacoma.

Due to these rumours, Mouser had been waiting for me, and had a message that I needed to speak with a garden guardian gnome before I left.

I appreciated the heads up, thanked Mouser for the advice and set off to find the guardian.

Until Next Time,

29 April, 2008

Spring is here ... think Gardensphere!

Along Proctor, just north of the bridge and Puget Park, I happened upon a re-designed automobile service station.

The building is beautiful, and even moreso for this Norwegian garden gnome, there is a wonderful selection of gardening plants. Gardenshpere is an organic shop, and they offer a wide variety of tools as well.

I had heard rumors of a cat, named Mouser, in this location. I had to keep a low profile until I could physically assess the strengths of the feline.

These pots, were an excellent spot to hide, but my vantage point was poorly chosen, and I could hardly see where Mouser was.

Inside, I found a better place to hide and observe.

Until Next Time,

11 April, 2008

I am back!

I am well rested, refreshed, and renewed.

This has been an experience, traveling via boat, then by road to return to Tacoma, the city that I love dearly.

The packaging was well suited for my, at times, petite stature.

Thankfully there was a kind shipper that tore this hole in the packaging so I could breathe on my way here.

It was good to see family and friends in Norway. Sadly, I was called away due to the death of my Grandmother, Lilly. She will be remembered as a strong soul, one who dealt with many challenges in the past, and was able to overcome.

She loved to host parties. I remembered when I was about 100, she introduced me to parsnips; their pugnant flavor intrigued my senses. Once, when she left for a few moments to do some shopping one day, I leaped on the opportunity to fry myself my first egg. It was a quail egg, and I used the smallest cast iron pan I could find.

I'll share more memories in the coming months.

It is fitting that I return on what is to be the most spring-like weekend of the year!

Oh glorious sun, I have missed ye!