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30 September, 2007


My Swedish neighbors have a lovely drink called Glögg, we have Gløgg in Norway. So imagine my surprise when I found out there is a Møgg, in Tacoma!

Then, imagine my slight disappointment that getting a nip of MOG was more a visual treat. But a treat nonetheless.

This wonderful tribute to Tacoma's native Dale Chilhuly and the art of glass-blowing, is along the Thea Foss waterway, it started as an idea in 1992, and blossomed into a working hot shop and museum in 2002. Outside, they placed public art works and displays. I hear the waterforest is missed, but may come back ... to the delight of parents as it was the first 'spray park' in this city of destiny.

Here I am waiting for an elevator:

I believe these giant grates are part of the cooling system, but they are artistically presented.

And finally, me outside the hotshop.

I understand that some of the Tacoma Public Libraries may have passes that card holders can check out to attend the museum. Though that could be an old rumor.

While there, I was repeatedly asked (same at the park earlier) if I worked for some sort of travel company. Alas, no, I would be nice to be paid for travel, but now I travel on my own krone.

Until next time,

25 September, 2007

Appreciative warnings

As part of my stroll, I came across a most important sign.

I certainly wish we had these in my homeland. To warn of the dangers of fall is important, and I am appreciative of the Tacoma city for putting up these signs to warn of fall hazards.

I can think of a few:
* early frost
* lack of sunshine
* cooler temperatures
* leaves
* need for firewood
* having to plant our fall garden

Though, I don't know what hazard this was saying to keep off of, I am appreciative of the warning.

Thank you, nice city.

Until next time,

24 September, 2007

Thea's Park

What a glorious Sunday!

Today I was permitted to go back out with my photographer.

I really wanted to check out a few spots along the waterfront, and was drawn to the Thea Foss waterway.

A rather impressive stone. The etching says this park is about 11 years old.

I felt a bit at home knowing the park's namesake was an immigrant from Norway. Thea Foss's company still exists today as Foss Maritime company.

My sister would appreciate this picture. She's really into Greek mythology, but Atlas has nothing on me in this photo.

Until next time,

PS I'd be happy to take requests. I am also lining up some interviews in the coming days. It should be fun.

22 September, 2007

Stadium Bowl

What an engineering feat!


I understand this is a play field for American football. It has a wonderful view of Commencement Bay. Some bystanders told me that your President Kennedy spoke here, and there have been some motion pictures shot here.

This is beautiful!

Until next time,

19 September, 2007

Resting in the park

I decided to take a break in a small park.

It's just north of the municipal building. I was unable to interview any of the city staff that work just a few steps away, though I read that there are many changes going on inside those city hall walls.

Until next time,

18 September, 2007

FUNkoma vintage

Well, today I was disappointed because the fine chap taking my picture had to run early ... but I give you a photo of me and funkoma vintage. Their link has a bunch of the stuff they are selling, and it looks like a fine shop.

It appears they also participate in the blogging.

Until next time,

Update: Delightful kate asks where Funkoma is located. It is at 306 E 26th Street in the Dome District. Other information can be found here.

14 September, 2007

Books fit for a King with an exclusive interview!

On the advice of 'Captain Smartypants' and 'Elle' (they seem to have taken much interest in my adventures, as have many of you, thank you) I ventured up to King's Books today.

I'm very fond of reading and studying, I always tell people that education helps to level the field. As well as plant the field and harvest it.

The fine young man behind the counter goes by the name 'sweet pea'.

He was nice enough to sit down with me for a chat:

TG: My, you're tall. How did that happen?

My mother accidentally consumed an entire container of Miracle Gro when I was still in the womb. She thought it was Crystal Light Limeade. I’m actually quite sensitive about the topic. So, I’d rather we didn’t discuss it further.

TG: sweet pea, like the vegetable?

That’s a common misconception. I was actually named after a star in the Evil Eye Galaxy, M64.

TG: Why sweet pea? Has there been problems with you being 'sweet pea'?

Problems? You mean like people not giving me their credit card information over the phone because of my name? Or being written out of articles in the paper because of my name? Or people’s parents not addressing me because of my name? Or people always pausing after me giving my name waiting for the punchline? No, that’s never happened before. Any of it.

TG: What do you like about King's Books?

The majority of our customers are rad. I like being able to bring topics to the masses, like letterpress printing and Banned Books Week. I like helping to create a culture of word nerds and book sluts. I love the culture of independent bookstores and, well, books in general.

TG: How long have you known John and Pat?
I worked at Pat and Lisa’s bookstore in Madison for two years before moving with the bookstore to Tacoma. I’ve known his daughter Abegale since a month before she was born. John I met slightly before I moved to Tacoma. Although, I used to give him grief over the phone weekly.

TG: What about the cats?

Oh, the cats. Both of them have interesting histories. Harriet was found in a seemingly abandoned apartment. The walls were covered with scrawled poetry and her paws were stained completely with ink. No one knows exactly what the story is. But, we convinced her to join us. I saw Miko hooking one afternoon on Tacoma Ave. I picked him up, um, for purely humanitarian purposes. He’s had a rocky road at the bookstore. But, the various VDs seem to be clearing up. So, it’s all good.

TG: Do you know that Gnome book?

That one? About yeah big? With the picture on the cover? I actually wrote that! I’m one of the primary gnomologists in the country. It’s hard to get it recognized as a serious profession, let me tell you.

TG: Anything else?

Harch ni chizzle fuch thrend!

TG: Thank you!

The Dinner Locomotive

After satisfying my sweet tooth, I ventured down the block and saw a large locomotive with the words "Spirit of Washington" on the side.

According to a bystander, this train leaves from Freighthouse Square and heads to Mt. Rainer and Lake Kapowsin.

They offer service of food and drink ... centered around my favorite meal: Dinner.

I guess it is called the Spirit of Washington Dinner Train.

The mechanics behind such a vehicle always astound me. I had an uncle who was accidentally thrown on a train from St. Petersburg to Yarolslov while investigating the mechanics of a locomotive.

His only provisions were water and a few vegetables.

He THOUGHT he was drinking regular water, but it was rather strong. It turns out the heat from the train, and a few other factors made his potatoes ferment. A nice human named Sminrov appreciated this delectable treat, and took the recipe to Moscow. My family still makes it to this day in Norway, with a few modifications.

I digress.

It looks as if the spirits on this locomotive would be as wonderful as those on the trip my uncle took.

Oh, I'm still looking for a book store recommendation, I'm trying to get a copy of the book with my cousin on the cover. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Until next time,

13 September, 2007

Sweet tooth beckons

After looking at the Tacoma Dome, I felt like a bit of a treat.

Where else but at Brown and Haley's factory store?

So many choices ...

But, with the help of my new friend, I chose the Candy Cane Roca. No nuts, but I'll be okay. It's like crunchy butter wrapped in minty chocolate.

It's a great place for candy.

Until next time,

12 September, 2007

TacomaGnome at the Tacoma Dome

This morning, after Buzzard's I headed down the hill to the iconic Tacoma Dome.

It's the largest geodesic structure in Western Washington, and the second largest wooden dome with sports arena ... in the world!


My photographer took this photo of me looking at it from the south and west.

I'd hope to go to a monster truck show in the future, as I'd only need the edge of the edge of the seat, but I'm usually working the gardens on Sunday (Sunday Sunday).

Off to another site later.

Until then,

Buzzard's is GREAT!

My next stop was down the street at a great CD shop:
Buzzard's Records.

I looked through the stacks, and browsed the DVDs in the back. I couldn't find a copy of my favorite Disney film, "Darby O'Gill and the Little People", but wow! What a selection.

Until next time,

05 September, 2007

Tacoma Fountain

Today I enjoyed the fountain at the theater on the square, just off of Broadway.

To me, it's Olympic-sized, and that Salmon would be tasty (would hardly compare to Olga's homemade Lutefisk, though).

It's a relaxing area, though I believe that I'd get trampled if I came here on a Thursday to the Farmer's Market.

Being a farmer in the woods, I really appreciate the ability to get fresh fruit and vegetables on a regular basis. There's nothing like having a nice lingonberry with a acorn cap full of dandelion wine.

In the background, you can see the home office for Russell Investment Group, though I get a good laugh at their acronym ... seeing as they are a massive investor in the markets here in the states. I hear they are a great place to work, with many upstanding people filling their ranks.

I'm certainly enjoying my visit.

04 September, 2007

And I'm off!

It's been about four or so months since I took up residency in a garden just south of Tacoma.

Good family, your standard American one.

Two cats ... I think ... they do a great job of keeping them indoors.

So, for the next few weeks I'll document my adventures around Tacoma. It's a nice large-sized city south of Seattle.

In fact, that's a photo of me next to the local newspaper, "The News Tribune". It's a nice little paper. I'm on St. Helen's street in this photo, looking uphill. To my left is the city hall annex where the communications office is. It's a nice street ... clean and wonderful.

I'll share more tomorrow!