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01 May, 2008

The Watcher

Being an ecologically-friendly store, there were many things to stop and examine in my now quest for the watcher.

First, I found this great rain collection device. It would certainly come in handy to limit the use of drinking water for watering plants. The neat thing about this barrel, is that it has a screen on top, and the brass hookups for water hoses already attached and good to go! You need to only find a downspout to put it near.

I then found some gnome-sized rakes and tools. These would probably work well for your children to help you out in the garden. There are even child, err, gnome-sized knee pads available!

Then, around the corner from the rack, I saw him. He is a bit younger than myself, but a gnome nonetheless.

We discussed the old country, and then, strangely, he asked me about snowboarding. I have to admit that I thought my little trek to the St. Helens mountain this past week was to go unnoticed, but I guess my travel companion went back up there a few days ago, and has been communicating via signs for the past few days.

The watcher went to to say that it is becoming a good time for gnomes across the city, and lovers of gnomes to be ready to explore outside of their homes and gardens and to enjoy the city of Tacoma.

I thought it was a nice sentiment.

Watcher then went back to watching the garden store.

But he's waiting for someone to come and give him a garden to look over.

I'll even come visit once he as found a home.

Until Next Time,

PS Thank you to Travis and Gabe for the opportunity to check out GardenSphere.

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Kevin said...

I thought that was you on the Mount St. Helens web cam, TG!! One of the blogs on the TNT's website posted about a gnome on camera at the mountain.