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15 May, 2008

OTM: North End, 110kr

The North End has some wonderful deals, you just have to know the right people. So, I'm rather lucky to be able to share these with you.

Shelton told me that this was the beginning of a rather huge development at 5629 Five Mile Drive in the North End. The foot print looks to be a relatively spacious home for a Gnome such as myself. And, if I wanted, I could take the time to buy the lot next door and make a burrow like at home in Norway.

I liked the location, but hardly have the time to wait for the construction to be completed, plus I know I would be a bother to the workers with last second changes and the like.

This charming home looked wonderful from a distance. The design is such that it reminds me of tasty sweet treats.

Shelton said it is listed at about 100 kr. With the Norwegian Krone's high exchange rate right now (it's about 5 US dollars to 1 kr right now), this might be a great investment.

The owner was home, and we asked to look around.

I'm normally pretty optimistic and really look for the good in people. But this woman was quite the witch. She mentioned something about wanting to fatten me up, and that it was unusual for children of my stature to have facial hair.

Oh well, we decided it would be best to just walk around the yard.

And, of course, there, in the back, we saw an amazing feature! Both an indoor and outdoor fireplace.

I had not thought of how practical it would be to cook outside in the summer months, but it certainly makes sense now.

Plus, there is the option of natural lighting from the roof. I needed to only remove the boards.

I also appreciated the green roof. It is more environmentally friendly than I expected it to be.

Then there was this beauty, just down the street.

It is open and airy, and has a certain at-home, but away from home feel about it.

Much like a bungalow style home, there are some amazing built-ins, and it has especially easy access to the ground below its foundation.

Quite a great feature for future expansions into the earth.

I have to thank Mr. Shelton Flitwick for helping me explore some home options. I hope to return and see if one of these are available for purchase in the near future.

But, for now, I think I may just stick with my travels.

Until Next Time,


jamie said...

Hey Gnome, you should go check out the Hobbit Home at Federation Forest. I know, wrong kind of little people, but maybe it can give you some ideas for if you decide to build a custom home for yourself...

Tacoma Gnome said...

Hobbits are fascinating creatures, aren't they?

We share a common ancestry that goes back too far to trace, but their burrows are similar to ours, as well as their proximity to the woodlands.

Of course, they do have incredibly large and leathery feet. Nothing against that, though, it is what it is.

I have the privilege of being acquainted with a brother-in-law who once roomed with the cousin of a famous hobbit troubadour. A fine musician was he, darn fine.

NineInchNachos said...

good lord it looks like more gingerbred men have escaped!

Jen said...

Jamie, that does look like a lovely home. However, as a hobbit, I find it to be far too removed from the comforts of Hobbit Civilization. Wandering that far away from home would make me anxious. I would much prefer something in the realm of these homes the gnome points out, were they built to hobbit scale.

Also, Mr. Gnome, I do not take offense but I would point out that the large feet thing is a stereotype, although I must confess to a certain leathery quality. As you know, we Hobbits are endurance walkers and that does tend to build callouses.