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14 May, 2008

Exploring Point Defiance

The weather the past few days has been nothing short of mild, and that is quite exciting.

The rain has beaten down some of the dust and allergens in our skies, and I was excited to take a venture into Point Defiance Park.

What an urban jewel!

This 702 acre park is perhaps one of the best pieces of legislation signed by your President Grover Cleveland in 1888. With his simple signature, the land owned by the federal government was turned over to the city of Tacoma for use as a public park.

I have to admit, I did get a bit home sick exploring the woods. At one point, I startled one of the deer. At home, I am accustomed to hearing from them what is going on in the woods. But this North American deer was not concerned with anything. By her startled look, I can only assume she is unaccustomed with my species.

I found this nice rock wall to climb. It had well placed foot holds for my stature. I conquered it quickly, and was able to survey the land, and I felt like I had been here before.

Wanting to act on this feeling, I strode down a few of the trails and came upon a small wishing well.

I was able to get on the edge and balance myself nicely. I walked around the well a few times, with no problem. Soon, though, I became too confident, and my foot slipped on a tiny patch of moss.

I was trapped for fifteen, maybe thirty, of your minutes until morning jogger heard my cries for help.

He dusted me off, and helped me regain my balance.

After all was clear, he said, "Hey, aren't you that gnome from TV?"

I had to explain that that gnome is an actor, hence why he is on the television. I am an explore and observer who happens to like Tacoma. In fact, I said that I was thinking about settling down in Tacoma soon, and Point Defiance's woods lead me to believe that there are good urban forests in which Gnomes could reside.

"Well, you're in luck!" He said with a twinkle. And as quick as a Frost Giant being angered at the mention of Odin's name, he pulled a business card out ... "I'm Shelton, Shelton Flitwick, and I help people realize their financial goals through real estate. If you're moving here, or considering settling down, I can help you understand the market and the homes available."

I could not find any reason to turn down his offer to help me once more.

"Sure," I said.

Mr. Flitwick asked me some questions about location, number of rooms, location, number of bathrooms, and also location.

We scheduled a time for later this week to go and explore some homes.

I can hardly wait to hear what he comes up with!

Until Next Time,


izenmania said...

But sir, are you not also an actor?

Tacoma Gnome said...


sir, yes, I am an actor, but that has been but two shorts ... my explorations around Tacoma are sincere.