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02 May, 2008

Frost Park Challenge

I had the joy of being at Frost Park in Tacoma today around the noon hour. Apparently a large group of people who like Tacoma show up each week ... rain, snow or sunshine, to appreciate and use the park.

Named for Larry Frost, a Tacoma police officer who was killed in the line of duty, this park is a wonderful respite from the busy streets of downtown. Mr. RR Anderson (whom I admire from my visit with him a couple of months ago) posted this helpful link to the city of Tacoma site to learn more about Mr. Frost.

So I stood, waiting, as Gnomes are prone to do, for the festivities to begin.

As the contest got started, I worked my way over to the contest site, and was immediately in the camera spotlight. On my right, Adamthealien. Back and to my left, Mr. Chris Tumbusch.

I was quite surprised at all the attention, when's own Tacoma Urbanist, Erik Bjornson, snapped a few photos of me as well.

I chose to do what I do best ... guard non-moving objects. So, I took a position behind the chalk, to see that all artists had a fair shake at getting something on the sidewalk. Of course, it couldn't last long.

This young lass was picking up random bloggers off the street and running off with them. I hope that she doesn't catch up with Bobble Tiki, or at least Bobble keeps a keen eye out for her. Before you know it, you're half way down the street, near a corner, or just about ready to be put into her vehicle.

Aside from a near gnome-gnapping, this was an excellent event, and I encourage anyone who would like to vote on their favorite to go and post a comment here.

It is a wonderful community building event ... I look forward to more in the very near future.

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tacomachickadee said...

Welcome back Mr. Tacoma Gnome! Glad to see you out at Frost Park today ... and glad you escaped from A's grasp! :)

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